Why I am only keeping my Tumblr active after this class is over….

According to the assignment sheet I have I need to compare a micro-blogging site like Tumblr to a normal blogging site such as WordPress. However that sounds extremely boring and I will only tell you my reasoning for sticking with my Tumblr and ditching this site once this class is over.

Blogs are defined by Google as a “website where individuals or group of users record opinions, information on a regular basis.” Now some people that is enough for them. They have their opinions and they want to share those opinions. Even if they have no readership at all. WordPress is a lot of effort for me to reach no one and I know I would reach no one here because the people I am blogging for aren’t on WordPress they are on Tumblr.

I would rather go to where my target demographic is hanging out all day and share my opinions about books and other meaningful YA information and even if no one reads it, the chances of them stumbling upon it are greater.

Not to mention that it is so much easier to write and share information when you have to be concise and Tumblr is a great way to get your quick message across. I am not a writer. Writing will never be my strongest way of communicating. Why waist my time here writing instead of thinking of fun ways to get my message across to young adults? 

I need my blogging platform to match my attention span…short and sweet. Viva la Tumblr!



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