The results are in…

I created a quiz for what turned out to be week 8’s reading. I wanted to use SurveyMonkey to create my quiz because it is a platform that I am expected to use at work. I thought that this would be a great way to gain experience with creating and analyzing results with this new-to-me survey generator.

It was easy enough to create the questions and answer bank but it did not give me the option to have the poll display the answers. I guess that is why they call it SurveyMonkey and not QuizMonkey. I wish I would have created the quiz in catalyst so I could have the participants automatically alerted of their score.

If you haven’t taken the quiz yet you can do so here! If you have already taken the quiz, please read on.

I asked 4 questions of my classmates and on all but one, they agreed and were correct.

1. What is the purpose of a community manager?


This question is a bit of a trick because three out of the five options were correct answers. Everyone got that the purpose of a community manager was to be the voice of an organization to the community but only two out of the three takers checked other options that were also correct and they were divided. I still think they did an awesome job on this question because I tried to trip them up with parties and LOLcats.

2. Name three of the six tips for crisis management in social media. (Chapter11)


Again they did a great job each mentioning one of the 6 tips for crisis management.

3. According to Chapter 12, the customer is always right…until they are wrong.


Our first question with clearly mixed results. Instead of me telling you the answer lets talk about it in the comments section. Is the customer always right…until they are wrong?

4. Social media works best when fully integrated into all of an organization’s business functions.


100% on this one guys! Social media does work best when it is integrated into the entire organization.

Thank you so much to the three classmates who took the quiz!


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