Live Tweeting: Not as much of a pain as I thought it was going to be

I recently live tweeted two events, Election night and The Internet Library Conference. I am sure that for the small followers I have on Twitter they were ready for me to just shut up, but I had such a great time doing it!

Election night as far as I am concerned is a night to celebrated. Even if your guy doesn’t win there is something to be celebrated in the fact that our head of government changes every 4/8 years without real conflict or strife. This was the first election that I can remember where I didn’t get to be with friends and loved ones. Live Tweeting and posting on Facebook was a great way to stay connected to not only my friends but the rest of the country. At one point I even had a Skype champagne date with my friend to celebrate the re-election of the President. Thanks Web 2.0.

The Internet Librarian conference was great fun because not only did I get comment on different panels that I was attending I also got to read reaction of panels that I missed. It was also nice to see when one keynote said something COMPLETELY ridiculous the hashtag #internetlibrarian exploded counter arguments. 

You can find more of my tweets @GingerReads



2 thoughts on “Live Tweeting: Not as much of a pain as I thought it was going to be

  1. I lived tweeted the first Presidential Debate. It was quite fascinating! I had the debate streaming on one of my screens, and various Twitter tabs open on the other. I found myself not really listening so much to what was being said, but reading people’s reactions to it. I love that #bigbird and #poorlehrer were trending!

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