5 Tips on how libraries can use Pinterest

Well this post only too me a hour to start because once again I got sucked down the Pinterest rabbit hole and it was hard to escape.

1. Promote Programs: You can follow the example of Sorensen Library and add photos to promote upcoming programs with the information of the event or you can go in a different direction like Kennedy Library and promote events and show pictures at the event. Either way it is a great way for the attendees to keep track of programs and their own involvement.

2. Promote your collection: The Oviatt Library does a great job of creating boards for their new books each month as well as separate boards for fiction and non-fiction recommendations. They haven’t updated their account in awhile, but I hope they return to pinning soon! 

3. Book Nerd fun!: The Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library has two great boards of everything a book lover could ever want. In the Library Lounge board you can find everything from awesome pianos converted into book shelves and great ways to have fun while promoting their services like having this proudly displayed with the caption “Jane Austen reads E.L. James. You can get both at TSCPL” Image

The other board that I love is called Library Stuff. This board is a staff recourse page. Let me tell ya this is a lot easier the sifting around on the intrantet trying to find information about databases, programs and local information.

4. Promote items from the archives: This was a fun project we did at my library. We took old pictures of library from the archives and tried our best to match it to the current space. It was a lot of fun and it got everyone excited for archives.


5. Celebrate the nerdy things you love that isn’t library related: What am I saying, everything is library related. Take this example from the New York Public Library, arguably the most famous library system in the world, they have a board dedicated to Downton Abbey. This board not only features cookbooks and other DA swag but it also features the library digital photography collection of all things from the real world era.

Ok back to pinning!



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