World Book Night: Great cause. Great social media practices

World Book Night is a great event where on April 23rd of each year people who have applied and been selected give out FREE books to individuals who would not consider themselves to be readers. Last year in 2012 they gave out almost half a million books across the country. WOW!

As a librarian I see the value of placing the right book, in the right hands, at the right time and World Book Night sees its value and helps make it possible.

I didn’t realize that the application for next year is already open until today when someone Tweeted about it. I naturally had to retweet the link and apply immediately. Image

What happened afterwards surprised me a great deal. They thanked me and a few other followers for applying to be book givers. Image

Naturally I had to thank them for not only re-tweeting me but to also say thanks for doing what they do. Image

They promptly liked it and I just sat back in amazement. Here was an organization that I loved and believed in and they were including me in their social media campaign. The simple act of showing me that they are out there monitoring not only what is said about them but that they are truly trying to build a meaningful experience for all those that follow and apply to participate is a great example of how a successful social media strategy should work. Good job guys! 

Now it is your job to learn more and sign up to be a volunteer. Don’t forget to help spread the word on Twitter via @wbnamerica and use the hashtag #WBN2013.


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